Delivery Periods

1. Delivery periods are only regarded as having commenced upon payment confirmation being received by The Underworld Connectiuon. If paying with a specific credit card for the first time on the Website, or if The Underworld Connection regards the transaction to be large and/or unusual, The Underworld Connectiuon may carry out relevant checks with the cardholder’s bank and the delivery period shall only be regarded as having commenced upon completion of such checks.

2. Delivery periods are calculated based on business days only. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not taken into account in calculating delivery periods. So, for example, if you order something over the weekend, the delivery period will only start running on the next business day.

3. D,s makes every effort to ensure that the information supplied on the Website is accurate. Where delays and out of stock situations occur, every reasonable effort will be made to inform the Purchaser.

4. All reasonable efforts will be made to dispatch orders within 24 hours (next day) except

5. If you order the product after 12h00 on a business day (failing which, dispatch will be delayed to the following business day)

6. Dispatch will be completed a maximum of 3 work days after receipt and verification of payment.

7. Please allow additional time for large or out of the ordinary orders and to outlying areas.

8. Special deliveries can also be arranged and the costs should stay between the limits mentioned under “Shipping”.

NOTE that The Underworld Connection is an online shop and should be treated as such and will do everything within its power to provide an excellent service to its customers.