Regular Events
Wednesday Gaming Night at Battle Bunker Tygervalley , every Wednesday from 6pm until 11:30pm. Come and play Magic the Gathering , Pokemon , Star Wars X-Wing , Warmachine/Hordes , Warhammer 40K or bring your own board game. Entrance is Free and there’s plenty of space to play!

Friday Night Magic also known as FNM is our premier Magic the Gathering event. Enter to win booster packs and premium promo foil cards.

Battle Bunker Tygervalley hosts a Standard and Modern Friday Night Magic starting at 19:30. Contact them at 021 914 9121.

Entrance fee is R80. Top 5 players receive FNM promo cards and boosters in the prize pool.

Battle Bunker Cavendish hosts Standard and Modern Friday Night Magic starting at 19:30

Entrance fee is R50.Top 5 players receive promo cards and booster packs.

For more information visit Battle Bunker Tygervalley or Battle Bunker Cavendish Square Facebook pages.